Welcome to Ebru Art Workshop

A workshop which invites you to learn how to make Turkish Ebru Art by traditional techniques with Hayrettin Kozanoglu.
Turkish Ebru Art is performed using aqueous natural pigments mixed with ox-gall and a rectangular trough filled with thickened water, traditionally prepared using gum-tragacanth. Colours are sprinkled using brushes made of rose stalks and horsehair on the surface of the
thickened water in the trough. The floating pattern is taken off on paper after being reshaped and retouched using pins, needles and combs.
Materials used during the workshop are imported from Turkey to ensure authenticity and are of the highest standard.
Join us at this fascinating art-craft and take home several unique prints. These can be beautiful on their own or used as material for more art projects.

Have a look on the courses & workshop page for more details on timings and how to book.